Color Analysis- one of the most important analysis offered.  Color is the first thing we see and most critical in making a strong first impression. This process consists of determining the client's correct color season based on their natural undertone so that clothing, jewelry, hair, and anything else placed near the face will be in harmony. Not only will this discovery make the client look healthy and feel confident; this will also save them money and time in future purchases.

Body Analysis- the process of identifying and accessing a client's proportions and shape.                           This will help in choosing the silhouettes and lengths that work and fit their body type.

Personal Styling- helping clients define their personal style preference with their lifestyle. Advise on creating looks that camouflage the uncomfortable areas and creating styles that highlight preferred areas. Educating clients on various fabrics, silhouettes, trends, and accessories that are appropriate for any occasion.

Wardrobe Audit- the focus is on what is currently in a client's closet. We will identify what works and eliminate what's not harmonious with the client's coloring, body type, lifestyle; including items that are not current style-wise. Notes are taken of what's missing and needed in order to create attractive outfits that support  their goal and visual image message. An organized wardrobe will take the stress out of dressing, and you'll always have something to wear.

Personal Shopper- accompany clients to their favorite store assisting them in selecting that perfect outfit and accessories for  special events. We can also shop without the client and select appropriate outfits options with respect to their budget.

Bridal Apparel- accompany and advise clients on coordinating accessories and selecting that perfect bridal, attendants, and mother of the bride apparel at the salon with regards to the venue. 

Custom Made Apparel- original personalized apparel created for special occasions.   

 Professional Apparel- advise and develop uniform apparel programs that meets an organization's dress code and standard, Also will make group presentations that identify appropriate work attire.