V Fashion & Image

About Us


V Fashion & Image consulting service located on Long Island, New York is an affordable resource that provides practical solutions to anyone who has decided to upgrade or restore positive self- esteem and fashion styling confidence for their personal and professional growth.


Even before a word is spoken 50% of first impressions are based on appearance alone. Visual messages; such as body language, the way we behave, and dress, all impact how we are perceived and judged. Your image speaks volumes and projecting the wrong image can prevent you from seeking opportunities that lead to personal and professional happiness and success. That’s why it's vital that your "image" communicates to the world without question who and what you're about. 


At V Fashion & Image, our mission and purpose are in helping clients identify their individuality and the "image” message they want to convey to the world. Our consultations begin at the point of where the client is presently at;  listening and discussing the goals, needs, visions, and expectations. Next, an appropriate plan of action for image transformation is created based on the clients' personality, lifestyle, goals, and budget. V Fashion & Image consulting goals are to redirect the client's focus away from their flaws and lack of self-esteem areas to the assets and confidence building aspects that exist. Success regarding any fashion and wardrobe transformation is achieved through analyzing and educating clients on their coloring, body type, silhouettes, and fabrics. The result in all of these analyses makes for eliminating apparel that doesn’t work to making more appropriate fashion choices in the future. It's about clients knowing who they are and presenting themselves in the best light; giving way to a more empowered existence.


Our tag line of “You Seek, We Solve, We Shine Together" sums up the belief in that together as partners we're contributors to enriching lives and society's success. So why not give V Fashion & Image a call to discuss your image and fashion concerns with solutions. Today’s the perfect day to start living your dream life and make the rest of your life the best of your life. Your experience with us will be nothing less than pleasant, professional, and hopefully viewed as the best investment you can make with a return that priceless!